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    Los Angeles River School will prepare generations of adults to be actively engaged in building and sustaining healthy, just, environmentally sound communities. Students will responsibly use their student voice to make articulate choices to be fully prepared to succeed in college, career and family life while being aware of how their choices impact the environment. 


    In cooperation with business partners, community agencies, postsecondary institutions, and families, Los Angeles River School will foster a deep understanding of the challenges facing the environment and help students acquire the intellectual and practical skills to go out and act as community builders and stewards of the environment. 

    Student Voice

    Instructional Practice 

    We will build all of our courses around critical inquiry. Teachers pose an important, complex central question, always one for which there are no clear or easy answers. Student learning evolves through investigation, experimentation, and most importantly, discussion. This instructional practice helps students grow to regard teachers as coaches and facilitators rather than as the only source of knowledge and to understand that there are not always right or wrong answers, that we can look at issues through multiple lenses. This practice also helps students develop rigorous habits of mind, such as intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and questioning, and innovative problem-solving. These intellectual habits will enable our students to use their growing skills to think critically about real community issues and needs and find ways to address these in novel ways. All students learn to participate in thoughtful civil discourse necessary to sustain a democracy.

    Students as Educational and Civic Partners 

    The Los Angeles River School students will participate in all decision-making bodies and practices at school. They will also be encouraged, trained, and supported to take part in the civic bodies of their 

    communities through regular collaboration with community groups and stakeholders. We will be preparing generations of adults who will be actively engaged in building and sustaining healthy, just, environmentally sound communities.


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    School Resumes on August 12, 2014

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    Student Projects:
    From the Environmental Technology class:
     Click here to check out our website for our environmental tech class project on illegal dumping.